Spammers Getting Shirty

Back in the old days, spammers were easily identifiable for their interest in pornography, and later the innumerable ways that drugs could be used to improve your sex life, with links dotted all around their usually nonsensical comments.

In more recent years, however, spammers seem to have evolved into something more familiar:

Great post, very imformative! I’ll be sure to bookmark and return.

See, the problem with these types of spammers is they’re dangerously close to resembling a normal person. In fact, the only reason I know this is spam is because my posts are neither great nor informative.

Now they’re taking it a step further, now they’re giving me attitude! Check out this comment I had today:

A few days prior to this comment appearing in my Askimet Spam Catcher of Awesomeness, I had another comment that was the exact same comment, only without the snarky introduction. I can’t believe spam has become so advanced that it not only shoots a block comment in the first place, but follows it up a few days later.

I also can’t believe I’m getting attitude from a Spam Bot.

I’ve never felt so violated.