Spot the Headset

About four years ago, I bought a headset on eBay for work. I wanted this headset–of which I didn’t need any specific details except it was a headset and it worked–because I spent a lot of time talking to people on the phone when I would like to have both hands available: one to search for relevant solutions to their perfectly reasonable questions on my computer, and the other to make appropriate gestures about the person on the phone to the girl sitting across the desk to mine.

The boss at the time, after seeing the headset and with him being so smart, decided it would be a brilliant idea to purchase and resell these headsets to our customers (we sold software, so surely it was only reasonable to assume we would also be able to sell telephonic accessories, right?!). Since I had no kind of authority at the time, I only had the option to place a bulk purchase of these headsets (I think it was about 40), of which, in the four years of having them, we have sold 2, and both of them were to the same person.

So, first of all, if you’re ever in need of a headset, we still have 38 dusty headsets perched atop a shelf in our office.

More interesting that this little trip down memory lane, however, is how often I’ve seen these exact same headsets on television shows and films since buying them. It’s that same feeling you get when you’re driving around in your car and see someone else driving the same car, you automatically feel an affinity to them because you have the same taste in cars. I get that feeling whenever I see one of these cheap and nasty headsets in the films. The main thing that comes to mind is how many times the actors have had to stop because the plastic guard has pinged off while they’re trying to get it on (they’re not amazingly crafted, bits do tend to ping off quite a bit).

I assume they’re in the bargain basement of the prop world, since they do only cost about £3.

I was thinking of this when I spotted someone sporting one in an episode of NCIS, and the one that features most prominently in my mind is Normal from Dark Angel, who in almost every scene is wearing his shoddy little headset with pride.

I wonder if anyone else has spotted these, or if it’s just me…