Stop Falling off the Planet!

OK, so once again here I am on my writing updates page to tell you that I have in fact no updates to tell you about!

I have now received the first proofed copy of The Vampire’s Son, which I am now to start my first run of revisions on. Have I done them? No. I’ve made some humerous remarks on the comments that were made on the document, but apart from that, nothing.

I am rather disappointed with myself, and blame my usual absent-mindedness for not doing it. I am still very easily distracted.

I am also still waiting with painful patience on the cover for the first book. As soon as I get that, I can push forward with the release of the new edition. Til then, I am sitting on my hands and waiting.

So yeah, there’s my little blah. I hope that by writing this I will see the error of my ways and finally get back to doing some work…