Sup Tom, Gaz, Kev! Why Twitter is Awesome.

I find Twitter to be an absolute Mecca for procrastination.  Not only does it allow me to mingle freely with writer types, to discuss and converse and otherwise listen in like a twisted pervert to other peoples’ conversations, but it bridges the gap between the ‘celebrity’ and the ‘average joe’.

When you see celebrities on the TV or hear about them in newspapers and interviews, despite any attempts to make them seem like normal everyday people, there’s still very much untouchables.  When you hear about what they’re having for breakfast or how their train to whatever random shoot/interview/meeting they’re going to, first hand, you come to realise that they are in fact regular(ish) people, and as such you have every right to converse with them, too, if you so wish.

So what when they talk back?

Here are my current claims to Twitter fame:

My first is that I was one of Tom Cruises #FollowFriday’s

(I’m in there, somewhere. The reason I suspect I was added to Tom’s undoubtedly very selective list of recommendations was because close to the time this tweet popped up I was discussing how awesome the sound that the aliens make in the remake of “War of the Worlds” is. But that’s not why I’m mentioned. I’m mentioned because Tom secretly loves me. True story.)

My second was the writer behind Father Ted, Black Books and the IT Crowd, Graham Linehan, who not only spoke to me but potentially took my advice. He was asking about different word processors for writers and asking about Scrivener and if it’s any good, to which I started gushing about its amazingness as I usually do for that piece of software mastery, to which he said something along the lines of “I’m sold!”.

My third and final, and favourite by far, is that I was actually replied to by none other than the Soze himself, Kevin Spacey, who originally said, if I recall correctly “Anyone want to start a conversation?”, to which I asked the age-old question of “How’s the weather?” because, well, what else would you ask Kevin Spacey, other than “flfmflsmmflflff”?

And the response I received:

Therefore, I’m awesome, because Kevin Spacey is awesome; he talked to me, so I am awesome by proxy.

What about you?  Any Twitter claims to fame you care to share?