That was an ENTIRE DAY

At around two o’clock this afternoon, I decided to make a new wallpaper.

I have just finished it now.

This was the last day of the bank holiday, surely I should’ve been spending it doing something more constructive?  Well, you’d think, but you’d be wrong!

Some would call this a waste of time, myself included.  Others would call it sad, and again, I’d have to agree.  Not that I care.  And not that it will stop me from undoubtedly making more.

For anyone who has been intruiged as to what I made, here it is:

Catrina Fox and Attilla Wallpaper

Yes, it’s far from perfect; the edges are jagged and I can’t be bothered tweaking them any more (not yet, anyway). But come on, admit it; that’s just schmexy.

And that is what I’ve done today. That’s it. I feel so bad.