The Bad News

I’ve been trying to find the gentlest way to address this, and–well–there isn’t one, so here’s the thing:

My third book, and the second in the Blood of Ages series, “Divided They Fall”, isn’t going to be ready for the beta draft on the date I originally planned, at the end of September.

Please don’t cry.

I won’t bore you with background as to why this book won’t be ready for deadline. Let’s just say that the story was going in the wrong direction, and fortunately, I picked it up before it reached a stage where I couldn’t fix it. Unfortunately, these wrong directions are not an easy fix. They’re an entire re-write fix…like, all the scenes, everything I’ve been working on for the last twelve months, my precious baby…it’s all got to go.

An accurate representation of me disregarding my ideas.
An accurate representation of me disregarding my ideas.

I know that there are (a handful of) people out there in the world who are waiting for this next book. I know there’s not many of you, but I know you exist, and I appreciate you all hanging around in the first place. I’m asking now that you bear with me.

I can’t give you a date right now, because I’m back in the planning stages of this book. Once I have a solid plan–like, a 100% solid plan this time around–then I’ll have a better idea when you can see this thing.

It’s still coming. I’m still working on it.

Questions and comments (angry or otherwise) can always be directed to my twitter.

I love you all, like very distant cousins.