The Beginning of the End (of the Wait)

Five hours to go!

I don’t know if I’ll still be awake at midnight for a flurry of words before bed. Come on, I’m 26. That’s over the hill and too old to be up past 10. Still, it would be nice to get in some words before bedtime. We’ll see.

I’ve already decided the early morning routine I attempted last year isn’t going to work. I say routine…I did it for 2 days, slept through the alarm on day 3 and assumed it to be a sign. Getting up at 5am did not work for me, unless the goal was to walk around like a zombie all day. On the other hand, the late nights worked like a charm. Guess I’m a night owl, after all. Or a vampire. Potayto, Potahto.

Anyway, yes, ready to go, now I’m kind of dilly-dallying around, loitering about on Twitter, waiting in these final hours and wishing that it actually started at 6pm on October 31st instead of midnight of November 1st.

We’re also out of milk, which might not mean anything on the face of it, but that means to me that I now have to move onto alcohol, because I can’t make any more cups of tea. No, really, I have to. No choice. I wish there was another way. What do you mean ‘go to the shop’?

Psh. Whatever.

Get off my page.