The Fake Sound of Progress

(That’s a Lost Prophets song, for anyone who thinks that sounds familiar. Link.)

So, here we are. The first week of NaNo is almost over, and I’m in the position that I pretty much figured I’d be in after a week’s worth of concentrating on this.

Basically, I want to stab something. Hard. In the face.

Yes, I’m getting my daily quota done. Yes, I’ve done more in the last five days than I have the entire year (and possible a large chunk of last year, too). Yes, I’m finally get something done. Yes, I’m taking action.



It doesn’t feel like I’m getting anywhere. The sound of the keys on the computer tapping out random prose of utter, utter literary vomit, is my fake sound of progress. It’s a good sound, sounds productive, like something’s getting done. But I still don’t feel like I’m actually getting anywhere with it. The story is confusing, and one I’m not overly fond of (Vampire’s Son is my least favourite of the books I have playing in my head, closely followed by Servant…most likely because neither feature Catrina in them. And I love Catrina, for as much as a Mary Sue character that she is (she scored 84…yes, 84, in the Mary Sue Litmus Test), she’s still my favourite).

Well anyway, enough of the ranting. On the upside, I am still getting the thing done, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere yet. I’m getting words down and forcing out scenes like angry little babies (That’s to say forcing out scenes as if they were angry little babies, not forcing out scenes about angry little babies…and do I need to emphasise that they’re little? Babies aren’t big, are they? Well, except maybe for this fella. What was I saying? Anyway…)

I’m trying out a piece of software to help in this write forward mentality I’m trying to keep to, called Write or Die. The name, as well as the way it works, generally reminds me of Steph. Considering my 5am start idea fell through pretty much the way I thought it would (2 alarms and hungry cats weren’t enough to get me out of bed), I was left with about an hour to fiddle about with getting something written. This little application made doing that a bit more apparent. Twitter Feed of WriteorDie.

It’s a fun and yet panic-inducing program. The concept is simple. You set yourself a word count goal and time frame, and you click on “Write!”. Aaaaaaand, you’re off!

If you leave the window untouched for a little while, it turns red. If you continue to leave it, the program actually starts screaming at you. Actual screaming. Well, not screaming, more loud bleeping. Same thing. Basically, if I’m trying to multi-task and write while say watching a film, it doesn’t last very long before it starts getting quite pissy, bleeping and flashing all over the place. But Hell, it doesn’t half get me to keep moving. And yes, what has resulted from these writing sprint session isn’t the best work I’ve ever done. That’s what December and the editing month is for, woo!

So that’s about it from this week. Maybe the story will sprout out from some more of these scenes. All I need to figure out now is how to plop Obsidian into the story without having her simply be the Deus Ex Machina.

Good times!