The Final Cut (Or Rather, It’d Better Be…)

So I finally got the book back from Steph. Many thanks are due to her for spending Christ knows how many hours scribbling on Post-Its and sticking them in the relevant places that I’ve cocked up somehow. And to think, people could’ve BOUGHT the book that was made. Phew. Avoided that catastrophe.

As you can see, there were a LOT of errors, omissions, and general What Were You On?s. I took the photos when I was about half way through changing stuff. I also got proccupied with sticking them to myself.

I had FUN with my Post-Its. Post-It Ninja.

It was also my birthday on Saturday. Just thought I’d mention it. We went to a Chinese Karaoke Bar.

I’ve also started a Comprehensive (Note: not CREATIVE, there’s a difference, y’know…) Writing Course.

That’s about it for news. After I’ve finished updating, I’m going to go write some more. I’m hoping to get the final (and now I really, really mean FINAL) draft done and dusted. Then I can start to sell it. I’ve already got a list of potential buyers as long as my arm.

Well, maybe not my arm.

Finger to wrist.