“The Genesis” has reached Web Stores!

And I didn’t even have to do anything. I’m still not sure how the whole “International Distribution Service” from Lulu.com work, but it came included when I bought the ISBN numbers for the books. Looks like it works, as well. And in under two months. If you look at this post, back in September I was cheering because I’d had the new cover put on.

And now look at it here:
Now is that awesome or what? It’s also up on Play.com, and on Amazon.com as well as Amazon.co.uk. I’m very impressed from the Distribution Service, especially when it’s included in the price of getting ISBN’s, which you pretty much need in order to sell a book anywhere anyway.
And check out the sales rank. 57,735. Ha! So there’s only 57,734 books on Amazon that sell better than mine! I’m going up in the world!
Anyhoo, enough fawning. In NaNoWriMo news, I have fallen behind. I missed 3 days, and it’s scary how quickly it adds up to big numbers to have to catch up on. I’m now on 18k, with the hope of getting to 25k before the end of the weekend.
Cross your fingers and toes for me.