The ‘Name My City’ Competition Results

Well, that was an interesting two weeks, in which I have learned some things about social media, and the concept of offering monetary rewards in return for input.

In simple terms, while I found it relatively easy to get visitors to the site through means of advertising it through Twitter and Facebook, getting people to actually respond to the post proved somewhat more complicated.

Maybe I didn’t entice well enough, maybe $25 isn’t considered enough for a name, or maybe people just didn’t feel familiar enough with either myself or my stories in order to be able to provide creative input on them.

In any case, while I did like a number of them, I could not settle on a decision for a new name based on the entries I received. There are two that I really liked, Jefferson and Dawson, and it’s possible that after I’ve had longer to mull them over, I might decide to use them. For now, though, I am sticking with Dayson.

It’s going to be another month or three before the first book’s release, anyway. Hopefully, something might have stuck by then.

I am, of course, exceedingly grateful for the entries, and as stated on the original post, the $10 prize will still be given, as shown below in this delightful screen-cap video, complete with awesome music*:

(Side note: You’ll need to watch it in full screen and on 720p in order to see the writing. In hindsight, I should’ve made the windows significantly smaller and then zoomed, but never mind.)

Names were entered in order of comment number from the original post, with the exception of Sars, who did not provide a name, and Muse, who I would consider it unfair to give a prize to, since she has a very high level of involvement in the project. Plus, she smells.

Congratulations to Toybox for winning the $10! I’ll be in touch separately to get your details.

During this searching process, I got into a lengthy conversation with a beta reader and fellow writer who was of the opinion that the original name given to the city was more than fitting for the books. She said:

You know, Dayson’s not a bad city name for your book’s locale.

For one, it echoes Dayton, OH, which is a medium sized city in a solidly blue-collar region. For another, it sounds like someone’s name, a founder perhaps, which blends will with the additional moniker “City”. It just sounds about right, with the flavor of initial success and bravura, gnawed upon by the ravages of economic downturn.

So I just don’t know.

I also thought to include a rather fun conversation I had with another entrant on Skype, in which we discuss everything from diseases to sanitary products.

Naming things is fun!

But yes, in any case, I am still undecided on what name to use.

Watch this space!

* The music is from Vib Ribbon. You know you love it.