There Comes a Time in Every Book’s Life

I believe it was Truman Capote who said that “finishing a book is like taking a child out to the backyard and shooting it in the head”, but by the time I get “the Vampire’s Son” finished, I am sure I will merrily lead the little bugger through the door…

I assume this stage in a book’s creation to be called a difficult “teenage” period, whereby it doesn’t want to do anything, doesn’t want to go anywhere, and doesn’t want to be anything…

I’m at one of these “oh-so-cheery” stages with the Vampire’s Son right now. I should have expected it sooner or later, since we all know I’m a terrible first-drafter. In fact, my first drafts are so bad, they usually have me in stitches with laughter, which would be fine, only I’m not trying to be a comedian.

My first drafts comprise of the following ingredients:

2-3 “Real” Characters
7-8 “Mannequin” Characters
1/2 a Plot Line
2-3 Meandering / Random Sub Plots
1/4 Character Development
4-5 Chapters of Character Interaction
10-15 Chapters of BLAH BLAH BLAH
1,000 Instances of the word “barely”

Et voila! A complete K. L. Kerr first draft! =)

So I’m trying to think really liberally at the work at the minute. I’m in a state of limitless VETO allowances. I should have realised by now that – unless you’re a genius, which I am most certainly not – the first draft is allowed to be pretty (for lack of a better word) shit. But it’s not easy; I am feeling the pressure of releasing another book, and I know I have people actually waiting for it. See, now I’m not only worrying how long it’s going to take me, but on top of that, I’m wondering if people will like it.

And now it becomes a kid going to a new school for the first time. Will the other books pick on it; will it do well in “class”, or will it rebel…alright, so maybe I’m going off on a tangent now…

Well, that’s enough picking at myself…time to get some work done…