This is the End of My #NaNoWriMo

I was hoping to save this epic song for the day I finally finished my entire first series, but considering the amount of time it’s taken me just to get this far, by the time the day comes I finally send the first series out to pasture, music itself (along with the Internet, fast food, and possibly mankind in general) will have become obsolete, and we’ll all be living in suspended animation, stored in pods on the moon.

So, yes, this is it, the end of another NaNoWriMo; hope you had a creative November, because that’s it for another year!

My spelling has suffered significantly throughout the course of this ordeal, which is of course excusable, with the advent of Spell Checkers, no doubt when I’m finished I can just sweep it under the rug in one fell swoop. What the Spellcheck doesn’t check for is sheer moronic stupidity, of course, where you put completely inappropriate and yet correctly-spelled words into the fray. See my previous example of the man who was sticky. I’m starting to think that the person who designed the layout of the modern computer keyboard was a bit of a sadist.

It doesn’t help that the T is so close to the Y, and it’s so easy to write Slaters instead of Slayers, leaving the impression running around in my mind that there’s an army of Saved by the Bell’s AC Slater clones running around killing vampires willy nilly. That did cut off my creative flow whenever I spelled it wrong, after I’d stopped pissing my pants with laughter, of course. It’s the little things that keep you going, after all.

Overall, I’ve had a similar experience this year to what I had the year previous. I managed with only occasional, mild discomfort to throw out the daily word count, but as with last year’s attempt, the novel itself is not finished.

But let’s talk about that later. First, let’s see how I did!

So yeah, there we go. Fifty thousand words in thirty days.  Whether or not you see this as overly impressive will greatly depend on your own writing ability. My family right now think I’m about as brilliant as a really brilliant thing, just for trying to do this, let alone for actually finishing.

And there we go, 50k, written slowly and consistency (more or less) for 30 days (give or take, considering I have actually finished early, although in fairness to me, up until literally last Wednesday, I did think it ended today, so…). Not really much more to say on all that except…woo.

You’d be forgiven for thinking I’m not exactly jumping 15ft in the air in ecstasy at the prospect of having done all this writing, and you’d be right, and earn yourself a shiny make-believe medal for your intuitiveness.

I’m very glad I did it, of course.  It’s been very quiet for a good ten or more months prior to this exercise, where I did almost nothing writing-related, which — varying degrees of excuses aside — just wasn’t on. So I am grateful for the timing of this opportunity to jump back into it, and again this year the online writing communities have made it easier to gel back into the creative process.

But I’m now in a position of ‘What Do I Do Now?’. I haven’t finished the novel itself yet, not by quite a way, if the outline can be adhered to.  If I am to finish it ever, I will need to continue writing after others have stopped.  I suspect the story will end around 80 – 90k, so essentially, I need another month of putting out the same numbers.

Anyway, that’s enough complaining.  I still did it, and I’m giving myself a fat slap on the back for the effort.  The important thing is I’m back into the swing of the whole writing thing right now, and that’s a big…no, massive…no, gargantuan improvement, and one that I can’t be thankful enough for.

Bring it on, December! I’m ready to go another round!

How are all you Wrimos getting on with your words?  Have you reached your goal, and have you told all the story you wanted to in the word count?  Best of luck in these last remaining days!