This is where we are…

OK, so here I am, just over the half way mark.

First off, my writer’s wall has sprouted out fresh limbs.

I now have a yearly planner as well as the monthly one. That sure is exciting, even though I have nothing else to plan for beyond September. Not yet, at least.

I have also appealed to my asthetic side and printed out some mock up covers I made a while ago, with a gentle reminder beneath:

Don’t you have a job to do?
Don’t you have something to write?*

Both it and the covers are at eye-level, meaning they’re the first thing I see when said eyes wonder towards the window and the charming rural view, reminding me there’s something I should be working on.

And up at the top was a print out from Thursday, when my new laser printer arrived and I wanted to print something out as a test. The words are important, plus they’re REALLY BIG and therefore hard to miss.

On the actual writing front, it’s been going OK. I’ve had a few personal issues I can’t go into for legal reasons (no, really), but I still think I can finish on target.

You might have noticed that on the 12th of September, the word count took a flying leap from 35k to 64k.  While I’d like to pretend this was the result of some time-bending phenomenon that allowed me an additional fortnight to produce a meatier word count, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that this was not the case.

Since this book essentially a skeletal rewrite of a draft from 2006, there are some scenes from the original that are still relevant.  So I threw them in as well.  All 30,000 words of them.  Will I regret this later?  Probably. Hence why now from the 25th to the 30th, I have time set aside for revision.

And that’s where I’ll be in that last week, sitting in the dark, stitching these scenes together with ink and sweat, screaming: “Why won’t you just FIT, damn you!”

* Yes, that is a Demolition Man reference. Simon Phoenix is DA BOMB.

“Don’t you have a job to do? Don’t you have someone to kill?”