‘Welcome to the Badlands’

I knew I’d get here soon, but now I’ve arrived it’s a thousand times worse than I expected. It’s the point in the first draft where I’ve written the beginning and planned the end perfectly, where I’m satisfied that I have managed to reach a suitable conclusion and the ability to drag readers in at the start. However, no matter how much has been planned, once I have reached the middle of the story, I have ground to an unpleasant, abrupt stop.

The stresses of the past week or two have not helped my creativity one jot, and to add to it I have now reached what I call the “Badlands” of the first draft (which I’d find to be the most challenging part at the best of times).

I have three or four sheets of paper that I have begun writing and given up barely less than half the page down. I have pages and pages of plans and character drives, but nothing is transferring to the page. Everything and everyone suddenly seems so wooden. It’s so depressing…