What to Expect in 2007

Well, I am going to be busy, let’s put it that way.

You all have 11 days to go until the FINAL free chapter is released in the newsletter / forum. I hope you’re all sitting on the edge of your seats in anticipation. Or not. Whatever.

After these free chapters, I am having a number of ideas as to what I am going to do next for you subscribers, and also – obviously – to get people to keep signing up to [the newsletter] and [the board]. I am thinking about starting competitions after the free chapters have finished, although I do not know what said competitions should involve. Any ideas are greatly welcomed. All I know is that I will be doing things such as giving the winners free copies of the book (most likely e-book to begin with, but possibly moving onto paperback and hardback in the next couple of months, I don’t know) as well as some of the smashing merchandise (which I need to advertise more now, I have realised).

Ooh, I’ve just had an idea for the first competition! I will post it on the forum once this month’s newsletter has gone out (on the 12th) and will include the competition in next month’s newsletter. Something like that.

In writing, I am hoping (with all my fingers and toes crossed) to – at the very least – have the first draft of “the Vampire’s Son” finished by mid-year. I doubt its release will be any time near then (because I am useless sometimes), but bear with me. Fox fans will love this book; I guarantee it ;p

And – obviously – since Vampyr Snyper will be celebrating its SEVENTH birthday on 12th March 07, I will planning something special for you newsletter subscribers come the third month, as well as some classic “Vampyr Snyper: the Genesis” (or should I say “the Vampire Sniper 1” [original name]) for you all to crack ribs laughing at.

I am doing no more work to “the Genesis” with, perhaps, the exception of correcting silly errors that have been picked up by some of my reading helpers (you guys know who you are).

Now, my plans publishing-wise for this year (once I have completed at least this first draft of “the Vampire’s Son”) are to re-submit to the very first publisher I sent “the Genesis” to way back in Sept 03. I have not submitted to many since; and I stopped submitting all together in June 2004 (because rejection is a bitch). But the book (and the series) has come a long way since then (and I’ve been reading a lot of publishing self-help books =)), so you just never know. Then again, if sales maintain at the level they are via self-publishing, I might not even need a publisher in the foreseeable future. Not to say I wouldn’t want one anyway. But still, it’s building itself up quite well.

Anyway, that’s enough babbling for now, methinks.