Why I Want a Kindle (and Why I’m Apple’s Bitch)

While I was on holiday in the US (and yes, I will get around to documenting the trip, eventually), I bought an iPad.

When the iPad was first released, I – like many people – scoffed at the very notion of a giant iPhone with a name more fitting to a sanitary product, but being in America made me pine after one like brooding women must do when they catch wind of that ‘new baby’ smell. It didn’t help that everyone and their mothers seemed to own one. An iPad, that is, not a new baby.

So while the husband and I were doing one of the rounds through a Target in Vegas (shopping was all we could think to do, since neither of us like to gamble or see shows, and the weather in Vegas in late July is…exactly what you would expect the weather in late July in Vegas to be), we spotted the gadget section nestled in the back of the building, and I was drawn to them like a moth to a digital flame.

Three times we went back to that Target, and each time I lingered around the solitary demonstration iPad, brushing my fingers across the finger-print-ridden screen, soothingly saying in my mind: ‘If you were mine, I’d never let horrid people with unclean hands touch you. There, there.’  I moved on only when the husband came to drag me away, or when the store attendants started to give me funny looks.

The husband also pointed out the Kindle, which lived on the next aisle over. Priced at around a third of the price of an iPad, I immedately stuck my nose up at it and pointed out – quite logically – that if I was going to spend $135 dollars on a device that can do one task, why not pay three times as much to get a device that can do hundreds more? I’m not sure whether he was placating me, but he agreed to my argument, and then pointed out that just the previous month I had shelled out hundred of pounds on a new iPhone 4, and could I really afford another gadget?

The answer was no, but I went ahead and bought it anyway.

Overdrafts are there for a reason, right?

After some internal debate, I bought a white one, because I’m an idiot, because I wanted it to match my iPhone. I have since put it in a black leather case, which ruins the asthetic entirely, but I’m not here to talk about that.

So it’s now confirmed: I will buy anything Apple put out there, whether or not I actually have any requirement for it.  Did I need the MacBook Pro? No, the software I originally bought my defunct MacBook for was coming out on Windows. Need the iPhone 4? Nope, I had both a fully functional iPhone 3G and a brand new HTC Desire Z, both of which I sold (along with my soul, probably) in order to buy the new shiny thing. And now the iPad.

I am a walking example of the mindless consumer, so much so that I like to remind myself what an idiot I am with a lovely picture of David Lanham’s Herp as my lock screen:

I should add that do stand by my decision to buy the iPad instead of buying a Kindle, irrespective of the fact that now I find myself pining after one.

Do I need a Kindle? Of course I don’t.  And unlike the iPad, which I am already using for my writing thanks to WriteRoom (and suspect I will use MUCH more when Dr Wicked releases the Write or Die iPad App), I have no reason to specifically want a Kindle, considering I already have the free app on every piece of technology I own that can carry it.

Of course, because I am weak and feeble and easily influenced, every time I see someone tweet or blog or otherwise talk about how great their Kindle is, I edge ever closer to buying one.

I give my ability to resist until the end of September, tops.

Watch this space.